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Authentic portraits & ethical entrepreneurship

When our marketed consumer lifestyle, organized around instant satisfaction of goods, food and other quick stimuli, is forced to a standstill, the mind opens up to who and what is around us.

This new mind space and decelerated economy has allowed us to reconsider what we truly need, which communities we want to be part of, and how we want to interact. We are urgently reminded to focus our attention on the caring, like-minded individuals around us. 

Creators Chambers is born out of the desire to bring together a creative community based on shared values; a community where authenticity, courage and curiosity are celebrated. As an open collective, it defies the narrow bandwidth of our brand obsessed society, to give room to real people of all genders, ages, races and persuasions to flourish in their creative process, share their vision and sell their work.   

Their home, increasingly also their workplace, is the crucible of these values and the works of art that flow from them. The home is their creative chamber, offering an intimate window into the delicate techniques, deeper concepts, unique skills and thought processes of each creative being. As much online as real-life community, Creators Chambers provides an alternative of ethical entrepreneurship amidst a harsh art and design industry. 

As we grow and evolve together, I hope we can set in motion a series of shifts that lay the foundations to reclaim our ownership of a healthier and more beautiful future.

Hélène Mulder
founder Creators Chambers

Creators Chambers

visibility for creators

Creators Chambers offers creators an extra channel to enhance their online visibility. For help improving your online presence, send Hélène Mulder a message.

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