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Creators Chambers meets Cesar Rodriguez Salinas
Creators Chambers meets Eleanor Herbosch
Merijn Kavelaars in his studio
Lisanne Hoogerwerf in her atelier

Left to right: César Rodriguez Salinas, Eleanor Herbosch, Merijn Kavelaars, Lisanne Hoogerwerf

Creators in the spotlight

Documentaries about creative professionals and their work

Creators allow access to their studios where they develop their concepts, where their personal processes take place, and where they let their creativity flow. Filmmaker Hélène Mulder captures their energetic identities, offering insight into who they are and what they create.

Karen Maenhout, illustrator and paper engineer

Karen Maenhout draws, and more than that. Pencil and paper are the materials with which she gives free hand to her rich world of feelings and intuition. Karen visualises and gives shape to deeply felt emotions, both in drawings and 3D pop-ups.

Elena Lin: performer, teacher and visual artist

Elena Lin is a renowned choreographer, performer, martial arts practitioner, art therapist, visual artist and instructor. She has developed a highly regarded international reputation for her unique educational programme “House of five elements”, which is designed for contemporary dancers and performing artists.

Deborah Kiwi, conceptual shoedesigner and maker

With professional designing skills already in her hands, award-winning Deborah Kiwi immersed herself in the classical, artisan methodology of shoemaking and the less conventional path of conceptual shoe design. She specializes in the design and creation of conceptual,...

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Portraits of creative professionals: coming up

Creators Chambers featuring Elena Lin

JonCha, hatmaker, composer and writer (France)

JonCha dreamed of owning thousands of western hats, so he returned many times to the US digging out every shop for old ones. The idea of creating them himself, was a logical one. JonCha is a composer, play director, actor and writer. He lives in the South of France, surrounded by vineyards, white horses, cacti, and agaves. Now, he creates unique hats, handmade of 100% ethically sources rabbit wool.

Creators Chambers featuring Elena Lin

Peter Christensen, photographer and art director (Switzerland)

Peter Christensen photographs where life leaves its traces. His pictures are never artificial, always authentic. It is the conscious renunciation of staged productions, artificial light and subsequent image composing on the computer that turns his pictures into photographic exclamation marks that tear the viewer out of their viewing routine with unfiltered power.


Creators in their own “space”

The latest short films:
Karen Maenhout and Elena Lin

online presence for creators

Online Presence of Essence

Creative professionals share their experience, struggles and recommendations regarding their online presence. More about visibility, how to sell art online and other topics creative entrepreneurs break their heads over…

Online presence: Architect Neville Mars

Online presence: Architect Neville Mars

Neville Mars has several websites for his numerous international projects. He honestly admits these sites are poorly maintained and lack a uniform look and feel. What can we learn from Neville Mars about online presence?

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Online Presence: jewellery designer May Bredt

Online Presence: jewellery designer May Bredt

Jewellery designer May Bredt is steadily building her brand awareness with a consistent online presence. On Instagram, she visualises her core values, her handmade jewellery, and personal inspirations. “You have to stay on the ball…!” But how?

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