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Short films about creators

Documentary portraits of remarkable creators in their studios.

Watch their creative processes and learn more about their philosophies.

Karen Maenhout

Illustrator and paper engineer.

Antwerp, Belgium.

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Elena Lin

Performer, dancer, teacher and visual artist. 

Antwerp, Belgium.

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Deborah Kiwi

Conceptual shoedesigner & maker.

Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Eveline Stauffer

Visual artist. Fine art painter.

Hindelbank, Switzerland

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César Rodríguez Salinas

Fashion & Textile conservator

Kunstmuseum The Hague

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Lisanne Hoogerwerf

Visual artist

The Hague, The Netherlands.

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Eleanor Herbosch

Painter & potter

London & Antwerp

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Yannick Jacobs

Ornamental blacksmith


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Kosi Hidama


Brussels & Okayama

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