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With unbridled energy I do, what I do: telling visual stories of remarkable creators. It makes me happy to make creators shine. We need creators and the positive impact they have on the world. By telling their visual stories, I aim to support creators and empower creative entrepreneurship.

By creating a personal and authentic portrait (visual story), I offer creators the tools to strengthen their connection and communication with their audience. For this, getting to know eachother, building trust, interviewing, writing, photographing and filming creators is key. And of course, time-consuming.

To be able to continue telling creators’ visual stories, your financial contribution is immensely appreciated. All donations, small and large, are invaluable. Support with €1, € 10 or the amount of your choice. With your support, I can make more creators shine. You help empower creative entrepreneurship. Very grateful, I thank you!

Hélène Mulder


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