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Creators Chambers shines a light on remarkable artists and artisans, portraying them in the privacy of their studios. To zoom in on their very personal, creative processes, seducing you to listen to their stories and to engage with their work.

Creators Chambers aims to grow its circle of influence, to inspire you with authentic feature articles and visual content about creators and their works of art. To enhance appreciation for bespoke, handmade and durable produce. To empower creative entrepreneurship, today and in the future.

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Take a look at the latest visual stories by Creators Chambers: meet the precise Swiss visual artist Eveline Stauffer and the passionate fashion conservator Kunstmuseum The Hague, César Rodriguez Salinas.

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Deborah Kiwi

Deborah Kiwi, conceptual shoedesigner & maker

As an artist, designer ànd craftswoman, Creators Chambers invited Deborah Kiwi for a long-distance filming project. She is a Dutch shoe designer and maker based in Tel Aviv. Deborah immersed herself in the classical, artisan methodology of shoemaking and the less conventional path of conceptual shoe design. She specializes in the design and creation of conceptual, artistic footwear.


Magical writer Adrian Hornsby

Adrian Hornsby is a writer, who sees stories as music and time in landscapes. His work is characterised by an intensely melodic use of language, and vivid scenes blown across vast interior spaces. Moods range from the subversively funny to the malevolently beautiful. His approach to fiction and non-fiction alike is to combine high-level concepts with acute observation and a mordant wit.

Creators Chambers featuring Elena Lin

Elena Lin, dancer and performer

Elena Lin found her unique expression in dance. She is contemporary dancer, martial arts practitioner, choreographer and performer. Elena choreographed and performed breakthrough pieces and delivered innovative educational programs as a visiting and resident choreographer, workshop leader, and private coach for decades. In love with Chinese culture, Elena developed her own program to master the fusion of martial arts & dance.

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