Online presence: Eleanor Herbosch, painter & ceramic artist

Eleanor Herbosch implements a consistent online marketing strategy that helps to grow her brand identity and build a growing, loyal audience. What can we learn from Eleanor Herbosch about online presence?

Can you briefly describe what you do?

After recently graduating with a Bachelor of the Arts at Central Saint Martins in London, I have continued to develop my artistic practice within the realm of paint and clay. Moving to Antwerp has allowed me to focus on finishing my studio setup and to start working on some very exciting projects, locally and abroad. I explore the intrinsic and earthly qualities of my chosen mediums: paint and clay. My work is a continuous study of materiality and a detailed investigation of texture. My paintings are characterised by expressing the power of natural materials, which is a guiding aesthetic in all my works. I try to demonstrate my understanding of movement through an alchemy of process, creativity, and technique.

Online presence Eleanor Herbosch

Relevant digital channels:

  • Instagram

  • My website

  • Email marketing

texture and relief

“Untitled” by Eleanor Herbosch. Photography @tibods

How effective is your website? What goals does it achieve for you?

My website is perhaps less effective than my platform on Instagram. The aim of my website is to summarise my artist statement, share images of my work as well as include my contact details, all of which can also be found on my Instagram.

A website however allows the creator to express themselves as they truly wish, allows your individual charm or quality to show. You have a lot more freedom to play around with your website’s layout and design than you can on Instagram, which can sometimes be a limiting platform for artistic expression. My website is still a work in progress. I am grateful to have a partner who is very skilled in HTML, Webflow!

On which other websites are you visible, apart from your own?

I am included in the websites of the galleries that I am or have worked together with. I have a presence on Creators Chambers website. I will never pay for a service that gives me more exposure/advertising, that’s just not me.

Do you promote your Why? If yes, how?

We are often intrigued by understanding the reason why you do things the way that you do, so I find it important to verbalise my practices’ ethos as well as showing it visually within the artwork. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am doing a good job of that! This is something that I continuously need to remind myself to improve on.

Do you sell your (art)work online? If so, through which channels (gallery’s site, own website, art-site…)?

I sell my artwork both through gallery representation and privately directly to my clients. This is a result of either word-of-mouth communication from one art enthusiast to another, or by coming across my artwork on one of my social media platforms. My website does not consist of a webshop and I don’t think I will ever use this tool.

What pitfalls did you experience when starting to sell online?

My artwork can be fairly large in size, therefore shipping internationally can be a challenge. Shipping paintings safely and having the works insured in case something goes wrong during transit, can be costly and can often make me feel like I am asking a lot from my clients. I think the only way to properly avoid this, is that if you love an artwork so much that you wish to be with it regardless of its origin, then you won’t feel as bad spending a little bit more to ensure the work gets with you safely.

Online Presence Eleanor Herbosch
Online presence Eleanor Herbosch

Untitled Series by Eleanor Herbosch. Acrylic, chalk, Chinese ink, earth and oil on canvas 160cm by 120cm.

Thank you for sharing at least 3 recommendations.

  1. Is there an exhibition you’ve been wanting to see, and the ending date is soon in sight? Go and see it. And bring your mother along with you.
  2. Allow yourself to feel as natural as possible. Allow yourself privacy. You do not need to show your presence online every single day. People will appreciate your authenticity.
  3. Enjoy spending time with likeminded friends and people that support your creative path. Many wonderful opportunities may rise from this simple thing.
  4. And a fourth, even if your practice isn’t digitally formatted, always have everything backed up safely in the cloud. You will certainly thank yourself in the long run!

“The most successful way for you to get into your client’s sight?

Always be polite and honest to the people you meet whether they have a similar occupation or not. Try and be diligent at answering emails from clients. Be helpful and patient.

Eleanor Herbosch

painter & ceramic artist

online presence Eleanor Herbosch

Online visibility of

Eleanor Herbosch, Antwerp & London


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