Online presence: Eveline Stauffer, visual artist

Online presence is essential to attract the right audience and increase your brand awareness. Your online visibility enhances communication with gallerys, potential clients and curators. So it’s critical to give consistent attention to your online presence and behavior. What can we learn from Eveline Stauffer about online presence?

Can you briefly describe what you do?

I am a visual artist.

Online presence Eveline Stauffer

Relevant digital channels:

  • Instagram
  • Artist’s website
  • Artsy
  • Artsper
  • Creators Chambers
Online presence Eveline Stauffer

Artwork by Eveline Stauffer

How effective is your website What goals does it achieve for you?

In the past, when Instagram did not exist, my website was more effective than today. Today it serves mainly as: 

  • a source of information and
  • the sale of Fine Art Prints (currently under construction).

At the moment, I get the most benefit, by far, from my presence on Instagram. That’s where the “most important” processes like building business relationships happen. The initial contacts with galleries, collectors, curators, clients and buyers. The presence and constant maintenance of my Instagram account I can call the most effective and important of all promotional presences on the Internet. My statement on that would be: that’s where I’m found first. If interested, customers then go on to the website to get more detailed information.

On which other websites are you visible, apart from your own?

I have a presence on the Creators Chambers website. There you can see a video about me and my work as a visual artist.

Eveline Stauffer presence

Do you sell your (art)work online? If so, through which channels (gallery’s site, own website, art-site…)?

Yes I sell my artwork over the internet.

  • On the one hand, through a gallery with which I am under contract.
  • On the other hand via the art platforms Artsy and Artsper.
  • In preparation is the sale of Fine Art Prints via my website and Creators Chambers’ curated selection of artworks.

What pitfalls did you experience when starting to sell online?

From the moment you sell art on the Internet, it is essential to think about shipping the artwork. Because from that moment on, the paintings are sold beyond the country’s borders. The whole process of shipping is complicated, time-consuming and always different depending on the country. Practice makes perfect! Experience, practice and always be well informed about all the shipping details of different countries.
Online presence Eveline Stauffer

Artwork by Eveline Stauffer

“The most successful way for you to get into your client’s sight?

Definitely Instagram. Then representation by a gallery, which also advertises through digital channels. Artsy and Artsper, and the film presence and visual story at Creators Chambers. I recommend staying present on digital channels, but never forgetting personal contact.”

Eveline Stauffer

visual artist

Thank you for sharing at least 3 recommendations.

  1. I recommend being digitally present. However, I think an oversaturation of the brand (especially in art) is bad.
  2. Beware of fraudulent institutions or those that pretend to be institutions that want to promote artists.
  3. People are always looking for personal contact with the artist. This should never be lost in the big digital world.
Online presence Eveline Stauffer

Eveline Stauffer in her atelier in Hindelbank, Switzerland.

Online visibility of

Eveline Stauffer, Hindelbank Switzerland


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