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Lisanne Hoogerwerf

Lisanne Hoogerwerf

Lisanne Hoogerwerfwork of opposites"It excites me to see what comes out of nothing, out of myself. I started to build what I saw in meditations, but now I also use current events in the world. My landscapes are quite indefinable. I like it when it is both playful and...

Eleanor Herbosch

Eleanor Herbosch

Eleanor Herboschworks of texture"Over the few years that I have been exploring with painting, I have actually realized that texture is probably the most important part of my work. I have started to consider my paintings more as textures on their own, rather than a...

Kosi Hidama

Kosi Hidama

Kosi Hidamaworks of clay"Just as nature creates beautiful things that serve a clear purpose, so practical household items can be elevated to works of art. Each of my objects is unique and has its own narrative. The viewer should leave all words behind and only look,...

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