Art by Eveline Stauffer

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Artist Eveline Stauffer

Eveline Stauffer

Visual artist

Hindelbank, Switzerland

Eveline Stauffer (1971) has lived and worked as a visual artist in Bern, Switzerland since 1998. 

In a process of many form studies and experiments, fine art painter Eveline Stauffer creates colorful works of art. From the former ticket hall of Hindelbank train station, Eveline makes her artwork with Swiss precision, order and a life-long fascination for shapes.


Creative process Eveline Stauffer

From the beginning, her greatest interest was in developing her own abstract formal language in painting, which she has presented in various series over the years.

Eveline Stauffer’s art is a world of forms and signs in which she always develops new shapes. „Shapes have a great symbolic power. I am interested in reducing shapes to a minimum without losing their intensity“.

Her work is exhibited in renowned galleries, museums and institutions in Switzerland and in European art galleries. Stauffer’s artworks can be found in private collections in Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, the United States, and Ghana.

In 2020 she was selected as artist in residence at “Numeroventi” in Florence and at the “Fondazione Richard e Ulli Seewald” in Ronco sopra Ascona in Switzerland.

With her husband, the photographer Peter Christensen there is always an artistic collaboration, in that the two realize special exhibition combinations of fine art and photography.

In the beginning, more than 20 years ago, I often sketched, let signs and writing flow into paintings. Thus, I developed my own language of symbols and signs. Nowadays, my sign language is reduced to shaping and form surfaces. Shapes have a great symbolic power. I am interested in reducing shapes to a minimum without losing their intensity.

Eveline Stauffer

Eveline Stauffer Art
visual artist Eveline Stauffer

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